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Welcome to AnysiaSocialNetWorking™ I would like to take minute and explain the concept about AnysiaSocialNetWorking™

to you; This is the official rule set for the English,Japans, Canada and Chinese Speaking community.

AnysiaSocialNetWorking™ is a P or PG13 SocialNetWorking site, for role-Playing games, anime, anime comics and the general SciF Films and Tv shows and general Hobby like computers card art/paintings. This is not a site for adult business or business/ or adult services to sale/offer or display or promote their products/art on AnysiaSocialNetWorking.™

By click and creating account you agree to the above and below terms of service! A user is defined as you the holder/access and the FaceBook© Users account.

AnysiaSocialNetWorking™ run thru its user pledges to buy and pay for game servers and computer parts and its staff members and webhosting account. AnysiaSocialNetWorking™ runs a pledge drive four to five times a year to raise funds cover these cost.

Rules of Conduct: Its purpose is a place for everyone to get together and talk about Hobby's we all love, and to have fun doing it. These rules are here to make sure that happens. They fall into two basic rules:

1. Let others have fun
2. Have fun yourself

For those who may not care whether or not anyone else has fun, think of it this way: if others aren't having fun because of you, then I won't have fun because of them. If I'm not having fun because of them, you won't have fun because of administrations.

How do you follow those rules?

1. Let others have fun.
--Don't hurt people.
--Keep it clean.
--Stay on topic and make sense.
--Don't get in the way.
--Don't take their stuff.

2. Have fun yourself.
--Stay safe.
--Let us help!

Here's what that means:

1. Let others have fun.

They have just as much right to be here as you, and just because they may not agree with you or may think or act differently than you means they are any better or worse than you--don't hurt people

So, no insults, racial/ethnic/religious slurs, no "flaming", threats, or harassment of any sort. These will be dealt with seriously and may be turned over to the proper authorities if applicable.

--Keep it clean

AnysiaSocialNetWorking™ is product of and is owned by a company called ComWay Communications Corp™ They also own the website www.comwaycommunications.com This service is intend for kids as young as Ten years old. Even though most, if not all, of us are older than that, we should respect their intentions. So, keep everything G or PG rated.

That means no adult topics and no swearing. If you doubt something is appropriate, ask a Admin or moderator first or just don't post it.

--Stay on topic and make sense

Recently I have been having trouble with something we call "spam". Users or Bots making posts or news threads or Blog section of the services that have nothing to do with what is going on around them, and it really annoys others, especially Admin's, since it's our job to clean it up.

Each Blog and news feed and forms has title in which description describes what that section is there for. Do not jump into this post and post off topic titles or comments. If you don't see something that matches what your look

for post a new blog or news feed or form or ask the Admin's for help. Please do not posts Business ads or content that talks about product or services. It must be written in form of a hobby and must be seen has that way.

Talking about cheeses and posting in depth ad about the benefits of cheeses does not come across as hobby. Hiking or rock climbing and describing or talking about the best foods to take and a sort list of benefits of those foods or type of rope and or gear would come more across as hobby. As long as no adds for business or links come from it.

A Note on New Topics: When making a new thread, please use a descriptive title. If you don't, no one will know what your topic is about. If you're the last person to have posted in a topic and you need to add something, don't make a whole new post. Just edit your last post. It's easier to read that way. Make sure to mention that it was edited

in so people don't think they've gone crazy.

--Don't get in the way

Do not randomly post off topic content in other user pages or blogs and or forums.

--Don't take people's stuff

If someone has written a story or drawn a picture or created something else, chances are they have worked very hard to make it. Because of this, it is an insult to them to use their creations without their permission. Don't steal

their image or story just because you like it. Ask them first. There are plenty of people her at

AnysiasocialnetWorking ready to make something just for you simply because they like doing it.

2. Have fun yourself

--Stay safe

it's a proven fact: there are dangerous people in the world. We do our best to keep them away, but there's always the chance one of them might slip past us. If they manage to get your phone number, full real name, address, or any other personal information, they might try to come after you and hurt you.

For your own protection, please don't post such information here on the forum where anyone can see it. We cannot be liable for anything that might happen if you share personal information. Also, don't give ANYONE your password.

If they have that, they can steal your username. It's like the key to a car. Keep it safe. Keep in mind that we Admen's or moderators will never ask you for your password. It's of no use to us. If someone asks you for it claiming to be an Admen or moderator, they are lying to you. Tell us immediately so we can deal with them.

Avatar Image: AnysiasocialnetWorking™ grants you the ability to create an avatar for your account (The image to the left, below your username) We ask that you keep your avatar smaller than 200 by 200 pixels. Pleae keep you

Avatar P or PG thanks Admin's

Copyright Conduct: You understand that all information, data, text, software, music, sound, photographs, graphics, video, messages or other materials (Content), whether publicly posted or privately transmitted, are the sole responsibility of the person from which such Content originated.

This means that you, and not ComWay Communications Corp™ or AnysiaSocialNetWorking™ are entirely responsible for all Content that you upload, post or otherwise transmit via the Service.

Game Servers: Working one this will be updated later.

Admin's: admin's have the right to suspend or terminate your account for any violations of Policy! Admin's will try to make contact with page Operator or User and ask what this content has to do with the AnysiasocialNetWorking™ or content that was posted and flag by other users. Admin's will allow up two Days before taking any action unless action is warranted to solve a problem. User will be put on a 7 day Bann that breach the Policies unless the breach is warranted perm ant banning!

Admin's: ComWay, Sakura.

ComWay and Sakura can close account with or without notice to User that breach the Policy!
Admin's reserve the right to edit and modify your posts so that they conform to these rules;

This includes locking topics and deleting topics and/or individual posts outright. That is our job, so please don't complain about it. When we do so, we will generally try to explain why. If you feel we made an error, there is forum that you can post a topic within ComWay Communications Corp™ website that you can ask why your account was banned or put on a 7 day banned their you can make your case. Outside of that, all decisions are final.

Any user who repeatedly feels that these rules do not apply to him or her may be subject to having all of the user's posts deleted, or even having his/her username or IP address banned from this service. Not knowing these rules because you did not read them is not an excuse. By posting on the forum, you agree that you will have read and agreed to these rules.

Business: Business Pages are not allowed on AnysiaSocialNetWorking™ Excluding ComWay Communications Corp™.

Advertising on AnysiaSocialNetWorking™: Must register with ComWay Communications Corp™ to run banner ads or product ads on AnysiaSocialNetWorking™ or any other web sites owned by ComWay Communications Corp™.

Your Content: ComWay Communications Corp™ and AnysiasScialNetWotWorking™ Dos not use nor claim any work that's has or will be done by any of our users, or third parties.

ComWay Communications Corp™ and AnysiasScialNetWotWorking™ my at Time promote your page on other social networking is sites or company Banner Ads to drive more customers or viewers to you page at no cost to you or Royalties what so ever.

If ComWay Communications Corp™ wish to use your content for company articles or news clips you will be contact by the CEO of ComWay Communications Corp™ personally by company letter head and offered a freelancer agreement by the CEO.

Owner Operator: You acknowledge that AnysiaSocialNetWorking™ is product of ComWay Communications Corp™ that uses the user pledges to pay for admin and officers of the company including, software updates, game servers and programming on AnysiaSocialNetworking™ and other game related web sites which in turn pays AnysiasScialNetworking™.

Legal Disclaimer: ComWay Communications Corp™ provides the service to you, subject to the following Terms of Service, which may be updated by us Via Blog and Admin posting that this Policies notice has been change; ComWay Communications Corp™ will not send out any e-mail on the Notice!

By using ComWay Communications Corp™ Service's you acknowledge that the company primary purpose is to offer our services to everyone. No Matter their Religion, Gender, Race or Disability. Secondly you acknowledge that there may be certain Sites URL's and Domains that may hold content and images that may be offensive and objectionable to you.

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ComWay Communications Corp™ Is not a business partner with any of our users or advertiser's.

ComWay Communications Corp™ Responsibility of Damages even if ComWay Communications Corp™ has been advised of the possibility of such damages. ComWay Communications Corp™ will only be limited to the amount you actually paid during the month in question; all services that AnysiasocialNetWorking™ services are at will and subject to cancellation or suspension by CEO of ComWay Communications Corp™.

You agree to hold ComWay Communications Corp™ and its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, co-branders or other partners, and employees, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your Content, your use of the Service, your connection to the Service, your violation of the Policies, or your violation of any rights of another.

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Thanks for being a active member of our community and enjoy the services that AnysiasocialNetWorking™ has to offer!

Greg G Lusienski
CEO of ComWay Communications Corp™.